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Welcome to the Town of Slaný

I would like to extend a cordial invitation to you to visit a town nestling at the foot of Slánská hora (mountain). In the early 14th century, King Wenceslas II granted royal town privileges to Slaný. Earlier on there was a market settlement overlooked by the Church of St Gothard.

The town derived its name from the salt spring which has its source below Slánská hora. While in the reign of Charles IV Slaný obtained a host of privileges, the Renaissance period has contributed several stately residences to the town, including the Modletický Mansion and Ungelt. Deprived of its royal town status under the Habsburg monarchs, Slaný became a tributary town. The construction of the Piarist College (one of the first secondary schools to be established in the Czech Lands, now home to the Museum of National History and Geography) marked the beginning of the Baroque reconstruction of the town.

At the turn of the 20th century, when industries began to develop here at a rapid pace, the town acquired a number of buildings standing out for their high social and aesthetic value, for example, the Wiehl House, the District House, the Civic Savings Bank, the Town Theatre and the Town Hospital.

Thalia, the muse of comedy, was very generous towards the town, giving it many outstanding personalities, in particular the painter Josef Navrátil, a master of landscape painting and a pioneer of theatrical decorative art, and the actress Olga Scheinpflugová, the wife of the writer Karel Čapek (on the native house no. 565 in the Na Hradbách Street there is a tablet dedicated to her).

The Slaný Theatre is famous even beyond the region‘s boundaries. Apart from local amateur ensembles, guest theatre troupes from all over the country appear on the boards and television crews come to make light programmes here. The town observatory provides its visitors with the opportunity to watch celestial objects.

The fans of lively music will certainly enjoy The Slaný Jazz Days, one of the oldest jazz festivals to be staged in Europe. Hussite Celebrations are held in Slaný to recall the times when the town was nicknamed ”the Hussite Star“.

I hope that you, like our monarchs in the past, will warm to Slaný and that you will remember the moments spent here as pleasant ones.

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